Personal Lessons

Whether you are looking for a way to discover Yoga away from the Group class, improve fitness, maintain your well-being or address specific therapeutic needs, Personal Lessons support you to establish a home practice tailored to your unique situation.The art of Yoga is an holistic approach helping you work towards your specific goals while taking into account stage of life, lifestyle, illness and injuries, as well as practicalities such as time and place.

Lessons are spaced typically 2-4 weeks apart in order for us to review and develop your practice so that it always grows with you. The first step is a short, free consultation to discuss your needs and how this process could support you. Enquire here.




How do I know if Personal Lessons are for me?

Some examples of the situations in which Personal lessons can support you are:

  • Recovery from illness or injury: musculoskeletal, physiological, emotional

  • Improving Quality of Life with chronic conditions

  • Supporting your everyday wellbeing

  • Time to focus on yourself

  • Physical or psychological development


The process of viniyoga begins with an understanding of each person's starting point, allowing us to set realistic short and long term goals and building a daily practice that is concise, relevant and appropriate. This way anyone can learn Yoga.

How does it differ from group classes?

Group classes can provide a fantastic Yoga experience: the studio, the ambience, the guidance of the teacher’s voice, the feeling of escape from the daily grind. However finding the ‘right’ class for you can be difficult and for many people the group class is intimidating or completely contra-indicated. Personal lessons are a completely different approach. A Personal lesson is not a group class for one. It is a consultation for a short practice that you will do at home every day.


Please contact me with any questions and to arrange a free initial consultation.


"If you can breathe, you can practice Yoga"

- T Krishnamacharya