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What to expect: First Lesson

So you came for the consultation and would like to have some lessons, great! The first lesson is the longest, taking up to 1hr 20mins. In this post I will explain why:

Firstly we will quickly review your consultation form, has anything changed? Do we still agree on the goals for your Yoga practice? A short term goal would usually be something we could work towards over around 6 lessons (typically over 4ish months), longer term goals over the course of a year perhaps. This is no quick fix and we need to be realistic ahe time and effort that it required.

I may ask for more in-depth information in certain areas that relate to designing the practice for you. Also we will need to determine what time of day will you be intending to practice. What happens before and after this? How can you protect this time?

Your practice will be illustrated using stick men. I will describe the different layers contained in the practice and how to interpret these figures.

Then you will finally get to do some Yoga, hooray! I will have prepared something in advance based on our initial consultation but will adapt and refine it as we go along. Your first practice will comprise a short series of simple movements combined with the breath. We will go through each step in detail and once you get home it should take about 20-25mins from start to finish.

Once we are both happy that you could perform the practice at home without supervision we will finish by booking in your next lesson to give you a point to aim for, ideally after 2-3 weeks. This should give you enough time to get into the swing of it, but not so long that we can’t quickly identify any problems. This appointment can always be changed given at least 24hrs notice, and in between lessons I am always happy to answer any queries by email, phone or Skype if something about the practice is confusing or is causing you difficulties.

That’s your first lesson in a nutshell, now all you have to do is practice. The first obstacle is always just getting yourself onto the mat. Good luck!

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